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2011-11-02 00:10:07 by DJFiendO

If you wanna keep up with me and my latest you can check me out on facebook and soundcloud under my new groups name Dope Arcade. Hope you like the music :)

Check out my latest track! :)

2011-04-02 16:32:29 by DJFiendO

Hey everyone I came back with a new track called Diamond, it was up a while back but now its updated to VIP status ;) Show it some love and do make sure to leave a review or some comments if you liked the track! :D /410600

Hey everybody!

2011-03-12 21:50:19 by DJFiendO

Hey Newgrounds <3 ,

Its good to be back this time with an actually finished track... Well sorta... The outro in my latest tune is cut off because I wanted to make an NG cut before the contest to see what you lot thought ;) Well here it is! The song is 'Time' by Chase and Status. The contest is still open for a bit so you guys can check that out! They gave use a few stems to work with. I liked their sub stem but I just made my own sub in Massive, i used their progression as a guide though. I GOT A NEW PIECE OF GEAR NG! Thats right! A first, I know ;P I got a Maschine! Which I should thank because it helped me make everything drum wise in this tune! If you guys liked this il make sure to update the songs description with the youtube link so you all can watch that and amass some views for me! :)

Thanks everyone, and I hope you all enjoy it :)

Hey everybody!

Ey'! Made top 30 :D

2011-01-28 12:03:19 by DJFiendO

Glad everyone enjoyed it so much and now its getting a lot of views :) Go ahead and take a listen - /362539

Dont forget to vote and review :D

2 New songs for you guys :)

2010-12-12 15:44:12 by DJFiendO

I uploaded 2 brand new and awesome tracks for you guys to enjoy over the last couple days, they could use some love... cause after all haters gonna hate and zero bombers are crazy haha

Welllll Anywaysssss

Take a listen, write a review, and tell me what you guys think? ;)


Been busy as of late.

2010-08-31 03:38:10 by DJFiendO

Ive been busy a lot lately with me moving to Orlando in about a week.

2 New tracks incoming with, yours truly, and Mr-Jazzman and Aydin!

Get pumped.

Glad thats over!

2010-07-12 19:31:23 by DJFiendO

Glad that robot day is finally past us and on to new music! I want to give a shout again to Jonathan 'Mr-Jazmman' Doemel for another great project and I think it turned out great!

Everyone should go listen to my new tune /347343

Tell me what you think <3

Live and love today,

Robot Day!

2010-06-28 03:49:50 by DJFiendO

Well automatons and androids...

Robot day is upon us! Mr-Jazzman and I are cooking up a wicked filthy dubstep tune for you guys to enjoy and man... its been one hell of a project. Truly have loved working with the man every step of the way. Great ideas and suggestions and overall great guy! The song isnt half bad either ;P Hopefully we can compete with the already great handfuls of songs already up but I got faith in our track and I know you dubstep fiends will NOT be disappointed. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for our new song and get excited!

Live and love today,

Robot Day!


2010-06-17 18:49:23 by DJFiendO

WOW This is crazzzzzy. Just checked the front page to see that Im on IT!? Blew my mind! Last week alone I got 5k+ Listens to ALL my tracks! Thanks everyone who reviews and listens. I appreciate everyone who even just takes the time to listen all the way through. It means a lot! Hope everyone likes the track! Take a listen ;)

"I know for me one of the things that changed my mind very much was the Electronic Music."


Best Track Listing!?

2010-06-09 18:35:24 by DJFiendO

2 of my songs happened to have made the top 20 top scoring list! :) Wannabe Gangsta came in at 9th and Journey came in at 18th! SUPER STOKED guys! Thanks to all the fans and listens and downloads. Super thanks to the guys who take the time to review all of em and give back feedback :) Me and Mr-Jazzman have been TEARING it up for our robot day submission and its sounding straight up filthy If I do say so myself :3 Be ready for when that track drops.

Thanks again to all the fans <3


Best Track Listing!?